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WF-60 Precision winder

WF-60 Precision winder

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WF-60 Precision winder
Shape Single segment single side, single ingots drive and control independently
Number of bobbins 5 Spindle/sect.
Control cabinet size 805×725×1530
Max.Mechanical speed 1200m/min
Max.Technology Speed 1000m/min(The processing speed is determined according to the filament tightness)
Overall dimensions 21950×945×1667
The range of the material Cotton. Silk. Rayon.FDY.DTY
The length of the traverse 50-250(mm)。(The promise is adjustable)
24 hour single spindle theoretical yield   line speed×dtex×60×24÷10000/1000
Applicable raw material specifications  Cotton yarn from 5 to 120,chemical fiber 12dtex-165dtex
Installed power 360W/spindle
Number sections 10 sect.(50 spindle)
Psckage shape Digital or precision parallel winding
automatic doffing 21950×1150×2035(mm)
Applicable coil