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WF-55 Precision Winding Machine

WF-55 Precision Winding Machine

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WF-55 Precision Winding Machine
Type of Winding  Set a constant spacing between the yarns to achieve precision winding
Control Head  Touch screen industrial computer
Wind speed Up to 1600M/MIN
Winding spacing 0.01-9.99MM
Each spindle consumes power 40-100W,Power consumption varies according to technology speed
Overall dimension 13060×1320×1790
Control head weight 190KG
Package shape There are side cones or single or double cones
Section size 2080*1320*1790,Head size 800*600*1650
Winding spindle Electronic yarn guide system is controlled by industrial computer touch screen - active driven side yarn barrel
Thread guide traverse 25-150MM,The maximum length of yarn barrel is 150M, and the maximum diameter of yarn barrel is 160
N° of spindles per section 16 ingots per segment - double side, maximum 96 ingots
Tension sensor range 0-25g,0-50g,0-100g.0-250g,Choose the yarn according to the variety and specification
24 hour single spindle theoretical yield  linear velocity ×D×60×24÷9000/1000
The weight of each machine 650KG
Selection of the configuration Oil installations may be added as required