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WF-40 Hank Reeling Machine

WF-40 Hank Reeling Machine

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Positively hank system
Electronic yarn guide controlled by the touch screen PC
BTSR yarn sensor
Precision /fixed angle winding
Mechanical speed can reach 2000 meter/m
Winding speed about 1500 meter/m(depend on yarn type and winding parameters)
Max. Package up to 1.5 kgs
Travel length 25-250 mm
Can setting yarn length, when reached,the winding spindle stops automatically
Safely door,when door open the winding hank will be stop
Yarn broken,the spindle will be stop
All setting and monitor by PC.Can be added function of Efficiency monitoring and Remote control
High technology control system with motors,easy operate and reduce maintenance
Each section with 5 spindle,Max. With 60 spindles
Each spindle power consume 120W(speed 1200 m/m)