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WF-10A Air Covering Machine

WF-10A Air Covering Machine

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WF-10A Air Covering Machine
Control Head Touch screen industrial computer
Winding Speed Max. 1000M/MIN
Maximum ingot number 50 spindle
Counts of yarn 5-4500Dtex
Length and weight of each machine 450KG
Each spindle production 50 ingots x (spandex D/ spandex multiple +1) x 60 x 24 x 500 m /9000
Spandex consumption (polyurethane D/ polyurethane multiple)/(polyurethane D/ polyurethane multiple + polyurethane D+1)
Winding type 1.Precision type 2.Interlayer type 3.Fixed cross Angle
Winding type Parallel tube or tapered tube (3 ° 30 '- 4 ° 20' - 5 ° 57 ');Minimum diameter 30, maximum diameter 250, spindle distance 420, length of bobbin (160-290mm)
Winding spindle Electronic yarn guide system, active - driven yarn barrel
Bobbin diameter It can reach 280MM and weight up to 6-7kg
Number of ingots per unit Ingots to 420, 5 ingots per segment on one side
Each spindle consumes power  110W
The length and weight of the nose 190KG